Monday, August 17, 2015


Hey guys, well the Internet sucks again this week. It's weird; we had a bad connection last week so we tried a different Internet cafe today but are still having issues. (It's hard to be understanding and patient sometimes) Last Pday we didn't go to that snake place (Pampa Michi) because it rained super hard! So we stayed in the room of the zone leaders and played Risk.

I did divisions this week with Elder Garcia and we worked in his area. It went well. He is hilarious! He is the one from Mexico that has nicer teeth than I do. He crossed the border every day to go to school in California. Haha. He leaves to go home pretty soon.

Our area is struggling and we are working hard to fix it. Our area book is pretty hammered and we are changing a number of things and working more efficiently.

We visited a family that was recently rescued and it just so happened to be the birthday of one of the girls that lives there. She was way sad because her family hadn't done anything for her and she was turning 15. So we went with our ward mission leader and bought her a pretty cake and surprised her. She was so happy!

Our pensionista's name is Melina. She is married and has one kid and she cooks really, really well! I still eat a ton of rice and meat and I am going to gain weight here I know it.

Today for Pday I think we are going to this massive, beautiful waterfall as a zone. I think this one is the Bayoz waterfall. I have to go guys. I love and miss you all!

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