Monday, August 3, 2015

I'm Killing my Father in the Jungle!

I'm getting transferred! I'm on my way to the jungle!! My new area is San Ramon and I'm going to kill my "father"! Yes, Elder Torres (my trainer) is my companion again and I will be his last comp before he goes home this next transfer. Crazy stuff right?!

When I left on Wednesday, Mari (my pensionista in Cerro de Pasco) stopped by and bought me some yogurt and cereal for my trip. She was crying and they were pretty sad that I was leaving. When I got to San Ramon, it felt like I was in the Garden of Eden! The people here are so nice! They love the missionaries and are always talking to us and laughing with us and giving us free sodas. It's really, really hot. I shower like three times a day. Once in the morning, once after lunch, and once at night. I can't get over how nice the people are here. My new pensionista is good. My room is kind of small but it is really pretty. I'm happy! I hope I am here for a while because this place is seriously awesome! Elder Torres is better than ever and is currently the district leader. I have really cool zone leaders too, Elders Garcia and Toomers. Garcia is from Mexico and has nicer teeth than I do and speaks perfect English. He is awesome! Toomer is from Wyoming and he leaves this transfer as well. He says he knows Laramie like the back of his hand! There are 8 people in the district. 2 sets of hermanas, us, and the zone leaders are technically in our district.

Friday not much happened. We didn't have too many lessons because some of the meetings that we had ran long. We had an activity in the church and we played a little bit of volleyball so that was cool. Then there was a youth group from Huancayo that came and they passed out like 200 pamphlets which was really cool. I think that will help us out.

Saturday we had six lessons and we started our fast. I did divisions with a member and that went well. It sounds like this ward is really strong. The members are way cool, very loving, and accepting. I seriously just love them so much already.

We had four "rescues" on Sunday, which was really awesome! Also, the bishop is super funny. He looks like he is white—he has this full white beard and glasses and he wore a hat! The members work hard and are great. I don't know if I mentioned it but our area is huge! It's this big city that we share with two hermanas—Hermanas Paez-Daravina and Asto. The other members of our district live in La Merced.

I'm really hot and thirsty and hungry. But that's okay, it's all worth it right?! I love you all and will talk to you later.

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